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DigitalPage v5.0 Renewal Notice

The New Version of DigitalPage has been released!

This update includes advanced analysis on contents of pages and upgraded data access to speed up viewing with reduced local storage space.

So you can get more inspiration and new values from your records in DigitalPage.

The main changes are


📝 New ways to write a page!

You can now make your page more stylish with different font types & sizes with lists & quotes.

In addition, you can attach files!

You can add document files in addition to photo and voice recording.


New perspectives to look at your pages!

DigitalPage automatically rearrange your pages by time, space, and context.

In “Time”, you can view your records by Timeline or in Calendar format.

In “Space”, you can browse your pages according to their locations and you can also create a page on a map by a long press.

In “Context”, contents of your pages are grouped in 3 different viewpoints: hashtag, keyword, and link.

No folder is necessary to categorize your pages in DigitalPage.


🔎 Dynamic browsing of search results!

With one search, its results can be viewed in 3 different dimensions: time, space, and context.

Also you can narrow it down by giving a specific period of time to reduce number of search results~!


💎 Free up your smart phone!

New DigitalPage 5.0 is designed to use minimum space on your smart phone unlike previous versions.

Pages used to be saved in local devices and on clouds at the same time,

so gradual increase on storage space in your mobile devices is inevitable if your records pile up.

From now on, storing and computing happen in clouds, only the analyzed results will be delivered to your devices.


✨Please feel free to contact us about our new features at,

      we will respond to your needs as soon as possible with updated patches.

      Dive into the new dimensions of DigitalPage.


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