Use Cases

Keep Track of Your Life

Add some spice to your monotonous life

A daily routine that repeats itself. Seemingly forever. Do you ever feel like each day just goes on without anything special?
Simply put, a day is a boring chunk of time full of repetitive things.
However, if you look closely enough, each day is special on its own.
As long as we aren’t machines, our ordinary days aren’t exactly the same.

Note your day to make it special. Once recorded, an ordinary day becomes a special day.
Not sure what to write?
It’s simple.🤓


You can simply jot down brief details about your day.

DigitalPage has a special feature to support you to conveniently note your special day.
It’s called “Page of the Day,” and you can select weather, mood, picture, and location of the day.
Also you can leave a comment about the day. 📝

Even if you keep record of small details of your day, you will later see that it is quite different from other ordinary days. An ordinary day becomes more precious and unforgettable.
What you thought were just redundant ordinary days are now transformed into traces of your life.

So…won’t you join us? 😍