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Keep Track of Your Life

Work Smart, Not Hard 💼

If we work at the office, we do a lot of note-taking, leave memos, or write minutes and reports.
We endlessly organize our daily tasks, write emails, do research, go to meetings, and write important things down.

It’s no exaggeration to say that work starts with a record and ends with a record.

As work builds up, our information on notes, memos, documents, and more also builds up. Later, it becomes difficult to even remember where we recorded the information we are looking for, and sometimes we forget what we recorded.

With DigitalPage, these worries are over. 🤓

You can easily include various types of data in DigitalPage, such as your schedule, to-do list, calendar events, locations, contact numbers, hashtags, emails, URL links, voice recordings, pictures, and files. The native apps such as calendar, gallery, and contacts on your smartphone can be auto-synced with DigitalPage, making it easier to create a page and quickly incorporating necessary details.

Organizing your work becomes much easier.🖋

Create different hashtags for different types of documents.
Now you can easily find the information you are looking for.

Link pages with related tasks.
DigitalPage can also help you to link pages with its artificial intelligence suggesting pages with high relevance.

Now you can work smarter with DigitalPage!😜