Use Cases

Keep Track of Your Life

Record your inspirations

How much do we experience during our lifetime?
From an individual’s perspective, it may seem large. In the grand scheme of things, not so much.
Everyone has their own world.
Every encounter is a collision between two different worlds, and new experiences are shared between the two.

Nonetheless, there are still limitations to what we can experience.
So we record our world, and we experience a different one with the records each of us leaves behind.
And new experiences can influence our lives in many ways.

Warm words from someone may comfort our hearts,
a passage or a line from a book may inspire us,
and maybe even discover our purpose in life from a movie scene.

Record these experiences.
For books and movies too.

Keep note of experiences that have influenced you, and how they have changed you.
Later go over all the pages of experiences you’ve noted, and ponder upon all the progress you’ve made.
And share those experiences and the world you’ve experienced with others. This cycle will widen your world, our world, and humanity all together.