Use Cases

Keep Track of Your Life

Take note of things to do

On busy days, we may have a full agenda.
Some things we remember and get them done.
But other things, we may forget and put off to another day.

It’s fortunate if we can postpone things we forget, but sometimes they may be lost opportunities, leaving us with much regrets.
Imagine having to raincheck on an important meeting or forgetting to submit a required document. It makes us feel uneasy just thinking about those situations.😖

The best way to make sure you don’t forget is to take notes.
There is a saying that “the dullest pencil is better than the sharpest memory.”

Before you start your day, take notes on what you want to accomplish.✍🏻
Once you plan out your day, record the progress for each agenda. This way, you will not forget the things you need to do, and you can look back on everything you’ve accomplished, feeling much satisfaction and pleasure.

As we consistently jot down our plan for the day, week, month, and even a year, we will eventually notice our lives changing for the better.

DigitalPage makes it easy to create your to-do list.
You can quickly and easily jot down your to-dos and set deadlines.
You can also set a reminder notification to help you remember on the desired date and time.

Every time you open DigitalPage, you can see right away what you need to do.
The to-dos are displayed in the order of their due dates, and you can view and keep track of all the to-dos in the “To-do” menu.

Create your to-do list with DigitalPage!✔️