Each and every ordinary day is different.
Note the small differences between yesterday and today.
Recording those moments will make your life more fulfilling.
The development of civilization truly began with
the accumulation of written records.
All our written records may seem trivial, but they will become history and relics
in the distant future.
Don't stop helping the development of civilization.
Record your day.
A simple line can do.
An ordinary day becomes more special with your page.
Add more value to your day.
Track Your Life

preserve memories

Why Take Notes?

We cannot remember everything, and there is a limit to how much we can retain in our memory

So we must rely on our second brain—our notes—to help us retain what we want to remember

It makes more sense nowadays, as our lives get more complex with endless amount of new information and data every day of our lives

Why DigitalPage?

Enrich Your Mind

Free your mind from endless information in this modern world,

Spend more time on creative thinking and put your mind to rest,

Let DigitalPage remember for you, and help you quickly find any detail you need again.

Easy to Create a Note that Adds More Value

Easy to Find Past Pages with Time, Space, Context, and Other Filters

Automatically Connects and Organizes Your Pages

One Simple Way. Quick and Easy.

Add value to your notes and make them pages of your life,

Every aspect of memo, note-taking, and added values on a single app,

No more information silo issues or having to use various native apps,

DigitalPage is all you need.

Intuitive Interface with Various Options

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Record Anything, Anywhere

What Users Say

Big Potential

This app is really good. It organizes things the way I think. I cannot necessarily remember exactly what something was called, but I do know when or I can guess at a tag I would've tagged it with. In the first version of this review I mentioned the iPad version does not have a landscape orientation and two days later a new version had it. The developer must be paying attention or it was coincidence. I do recommend this app.

Quite helpful in managing my daily work and personal life. Try it out!

My favorite application

Beautiful application. Looking forward to integrations such as Google. Hoping for import and export of data. Also would love to see more settings options. Love the app and looking forward to the future of it!
Great job.

Experience DigitalPage Special Features

Organizes Pages by Time, Space, and Context

Get better insight of your pages—quickly and easily

DigitalPage offers a powerful solution for sorting and organizing all your created pages with ease. Our advanced technology automatically categorizes your pages by time, space, and context—providing you with a seamless experience.
You can easily locate where your pages were created in space mode and discover more meaning and relevance between pages in context mode.
Additionally, our intuitive search function allows you to quickly find any desired page, and browse the results in time, space, context, and many other available modes.







Link Related Pages

Make connections and stimulate your creativity

Easily link related pages by going through pages suggested by DigitalPage’s Artificial Intelligence, or link pages manually by viewing all created pages and selecting pages you want to link together.

Link Relevant Pages

Pages with Same Keywords

AI Suggested Pages

Link Relevant Pages

Pages with Same Keywords

AI Suggested Pages

Mark a Footprint

Quickest way to mark your memorable place before you forget

Easily mark your current location with a simple tap on the DigitalPage Footprint widget. A page of the location is auto-created and saved in DigitalPage. You can also edit the page to record more details about the footprint.

Upcoming Events Suggestions

Lose your fear of forgetting important events

DigitalPage’s AI also suggests upcoming events from created schedules, to-do lists, and synchronized calendars.
Additionally, DigitalPage suggests past pages related to your current location and also based on time factor through AI algorithms.

Import "Today's Activities"

Create pages of your life more quickly and easily

DigitalPage is able to incorporate all activities from native apps of smartphone gallery, calendar, and contacts. So create a page more quickly and easily with desired activities such as a newly added contact or a photo of the day. You can also take pictures and do voice recordings directly through DigitalPage app!

Create "Page of the Day"

Helps you to make something good for you a habit

Easily and conveniently create your "Page of the Day." It will guide you to select different options such as color for your mood, location of the day, and photo of the day. Also you can leave brief comments or hashtags about your particular day. You can also set a reminder to create "Page of the Day."

Share and Connect on Public Pages

Learn about other users' experiences and grow together

Record your valuable experience on your page, and reach out to many other users. Your experience will become a learning experience for others, and you can also learn from other users as well. As a result, your recorded pages will not only be valuable to you but also to the world.

DigitalPage Download

Make Your Life Easier with DigitalPage

Put your mind to rest, and let DigitalPage do the rest

Put your mind to rest, and let DigitalPage do the rest