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[Update News] Supporting dark mode to focus better on screen!

Waited so long?

We made it for all of you who take notes seriously.

Now you can use dark mode in DigitalPage too.

Let us guide you through the differences and the usage of it.

1. Dark mode?

Dark mode enables you to focus on your task and minimize the distraction.

It can take the strain off your eyes and the organic OLED which has non-emissive dark spots can even reduce battery consumption in the dark mode.

Changing into dark screen with smooth font color can reduce fatigue even for a long use.

Dark mode has become a necessity in every app.


2. Light mode vs. dark mode

Let us compare these two different modes.





3. Transform in Screen Settings!

There are three different modes in Screen Settings: light mode, dark mode, and the automatic mode by the device setting.


Two ways to change into dark mode

1) When the device is in dark mode

More > Display > Automatic Mode or Dark Mode

2) When the device is in light mode

More > Display > Dark Mode

If you want dark mode, use it now!

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