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[Update Notice] Performance Improvements with 2.0 Service Update

We’re working on adding new features and other improvements in order to provide a more stable service with the introduction of our DigitalPage 2.0 Service Update


This update will be for Android version 2.0.2, and our web update will go up on April 21.


Major Improvements

– Show locations in results when searching by place name

– In the calendar, show pages according to the day they were created

– Improve errors occurring when pages are created automatically for pictures and locations

– Fix errors occurring where some pages aren’t being synchronized

– Implemented a number of bug fixes, improved UI and improved performance


We’ve also made a bunch of changes to our FAQ, specifically addressing questions and areas of interest that we’ve been contacted most about.

We hope you refer to our FAQ page and find it helpful.


We’re constantly working on improving DigitalPage and regularly updating our service every couple of weeks.

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We promise to keep working hard to make DigitalPage even easier and more convenient for our customers.


Thank you for your continued use and support.

The DigitalPage Team


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