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[Update Notice] New widget and auto-created page support

Provides widget feature in order for users to create pages from smartphone and find the latest page easy. Try using widget for ease of use.


Activity logs such as new photos, contacts, schedules, and places you visit are automatically creatd on a new page or users can manually select certain activity logs and create pages upon users’ interests.

Select your own way of creating pages.


This update will be for iOS/Android 2.4.


Major Updates

– New widget to edit memo, photo, audio, schedules and others and check recently edited pages.

– A guidance feature for creating pages by collecting different activity logs.

– Preview feature with ‘Open Graph tag’ when inputing a URL on the page.

– Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.


DigitalPage is constantly improving itself through regular updates. Experience the new intelligent life-logging through Digital Page!

We promise to keep working hard to make DigitalPage more convenient and useful for our users.


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The DigitalPage Team


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