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[Update Notice] Increased limit on basic plan user’s monthly upload size and attachment file size

We’ve drastically increased our basic service user’s monthly data storage and attachment size limit to allow more freedom in recording daily life.

Also, a feature that collects auto-created pages for users to take quick notes on them has been added. Leave a quick note on the auto-created page whenever your phone adds a new photo, place, contact, or a schedule.

It will soon become an extraordinary diary, travel log, idea note, or an excellent planner.


This update will be for iOS/Android version 2.1, and our web update will go up on June 30.


Major Updates

– Increased basic service user’s storage limit.

* Monthly upload: 80MB -> 500MB

* Attachment size per Page : 30MB -> 100MB

* Total storage amount set to 5GB

– Notification alert and collected view of auto-created pages.

– Improved functionality to allow searching location and editing name at the same time.

– Improved tutorial features for new coming users, on features like auto-created picture and to-do pages.


As of now, we are preparing various additional features for our prime service users, too.

DigitalPage is constantly improving itself through regular updates. Experience the new intelligent life logging through Digital Page!

We promise to keep working hard to make DigitalPage more convenient and useful for our users.


With kind regards,

The DigitalPage Team


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