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[Update Notice] Features improved to increase user convenience

– Integrated page viewing and editing screen

We’ve made it even easier to edit already existing pages. Before, when viewing a page you had written, you had to click the edit button and then re-save the page afterwards. Now, all you have to do is touch the area of the page you want to edit. You no longer need to click the edit button to edit pages. When you want to go back to regular page viewer mode, just press the home button on iOS, and for Android, just press the back key.


– Page Autosaving Feature

By any chance, have you ever lost progress on a page you were writing or editing because you didn’t press the save button, a phone call came, or another application was executed?

We’ve now added an auto-saving feature so you don’t have to worry about losing any content that you’re working on.


We hope you enjoy using an even more convenient DigitalPage

We pledge to continue working hard to make DigitalPage even easier to use and more convenient.


The DigitalPage Team



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