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The intelligent lifelog service for recording your everyday life, DigitalPage has been reborn with even more convenient and smarter features.


Auto page creation

DigitalPage can automatically create new pages using any information you’ve saved to your phone, including new photos, contacts, events, and locations.


Stamp your footprint

If you don’t want to miss out on the moment,

if you’re in a situation where you can’t leave a detailed record, open your widget to stamp a footprint. Your current location will be recorded.

You can leave a lifelog of a particular moment even if you aren’t actively running the app.


Find it before you search on your home screen

What do I need right now?

Open DigitalPage. It knows what pages you need to see. DigitalPage is your own smart personal secretary that tells you what to dos need doing, what your schedule for the day is, and presents you with pages that with specific information related to the current time and your current location.


Enjoy the benefits of an upgraded DigitalPage experience!!


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