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Another quick and easy way to record your pages!
DigitalPage Web Clipper Release!!

Use the new DigitalPage Web Clipper(Chrome Extension) to conveniently record desired information.


It provides more than just a simple bookmark, allowing you to record the necessary information in various formats.


You can easily summarize using AI.

  • Put an end to just scraping off too much information. AI will summarize everything concise and neat!


You can record and save pages as various forms.

  • You can save as bookmark, text, HTML, image, and PDF formats.


You can link together recorded pages.

  • Link your pages to continue your train of thoughts and stimulate your imagination.


You can share your interesting pages with others.

  • Share with your friends and other users through the page sending feature.



Free yourself from trying to remember everything.

Spend more time on creative thinking and put your mind to rest.

Just record, and DigitalPage will do the rest!






We will continue to further enhance DigitalPage for a more enjoyable user experience.

Thank you.


Your DigitalPage Team.

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